Publishing a Personal Website on the WWW Server

Personal web space on the WWW server

Appalachian provides free web space (50 MB) to university employees and students. This service will be available as long as you have an active ASU user id.

Where to store your personal web documents

  • Your host is
  • Your user id is your ASU user name
  • Your password is the same one you use for ASU mail
  • Store all web documents in the public_html directory in your account

What FTP clients can I use?

You MUST use SFTP (secure FTP) in order to connect to the server. Note: WS_FTP does not support SFTP and can not be used to upload files to the ASU personal web server.

The following FTP clients are supported by the university. You can also use the site management capabilites of Dreamweaver and Contribute to upload pages to your personal web space.

PC SFTP clients:

  • FileZilla (free) (get it here) (setup instructions pdf)
  • Windows SFTP/SCP

Mac SFTP clients:

  • Cyberduck (free) (get it here) (setup instructions pdf)
  • Fetch (setup instructions pdf)

HTML editors:

  • Dreamweaver (setup instructions pdf)
  • Contribute (setup instructions pdf)

How do I view my page on the web?

The url for your personal website should be:

If you named your home page index.htm or index.html, this page should automatically appear, otherwise you''ll need to specify the page after your username

Can I process forms or do other cgi-bin programming on this system?


Can a user password protect or otherwise limit access to a page or pages?

Yes. You can find instructions on setting up .htaccess and .htpasswd files by searching your favorite search engine - here's one such tutorial.