Coronavirus Information

Help posting information on your site

posted March 12, 2020

  • For help posting coronavirus-related information to your Drupal site, please place a support request
  • We will set up a homepage block and updates page on your site similar to the ones on the Web Services site. Once the block and page are in place, you will be able to make updates yourself. 
  • Guidance on recommended practices for sharing updates is below. 

Guidance to individual website managers (departments, offices, etc.)

  1. Post to your website whatever coronavirus information that you feel is appropriate for your users. If you do post information, please follow these guidelines:
    1. Post only that original information that is appropriate for your department, office or users. Do not simply copy university-wide messaging to your website that can already be found on the university-wide coronavirus information website at Instead, link to it where appropriate.
    2. Please have a single landing page (ie. a single URL) on your website where we can find either your original information in its entirety, or links to all of the appropriate original information that you have posted. If you post such a page, please put a link to it somewhere on your homepage, and then send the URL to so we know where it is.
    3. On this landing page (and, optionally on any other pages that you deem appropriate) have a link to the university-wide coronavirus information site. Use the link and refer to it as "App State Coronavirus Information".
  2. If you have events that are canceled, please put this information on your event pages. (Don't worry about informing Appalachian Today, as just about all of the events listed there link to your event pages. If you update your event page, you're good.) If you have Google calendar entries for your canceled events, you can either remove them or, preferably, mark them as being canceled. If you need assistance in developing cancelation messages to please contact Heather Brandon.


  • Email for the fastest response.
  • Phone Erika Hudspeth at 828-262-7742 or Amy Love at 828-262-7740.