URL Request

About URL Requests

This form is used to request DNS changes. Requests are sent to Networking once each business day and are usually processed within two business days. 

Use this form to:

  • Change your site's URL (e.g., if your department's name changes).
  • Shut down your website and delete the URL. Web Services will contact you for more details. 
  • Launch a new site (for web developers in ESS or University Communications).
  • Request an appstate.edu URL for a site hosted externally, such as a vendor used by your department to provide web-based services. Please note that all requests for appstate.edu URLs are reviewed on a case-by-case basis, per the Web Council guidelines. Three-part URLs like sitename.appstate.edu are not available for individual student, faculty or staff websites, classes or clubs, Google Sites or AppSync pages, or sites created on outside services like Wordpress without prior approval from Web Services. 

Do not use this form to:

  • Request a new website. Please use the new site request form.
  • Request a shortcut URL for marketing, like sitename.appstate.edu/specialevent. Just email webmaster@appstate.edu and we'll set it up for you. 
Select the action for the URL request.
Enter the phone number of the contact for the request.
Enter the requesting department.
Enter the official site name.
Enter a three or four part URL.
Enter the hosting server URL.
Select if the request should include the WWW prefix.
If the www-prefix version of the URL should point to a different server, specify the server here. For Drupal 7 sites, it should be wsredirect.appstate.edu.
Enter the effective date for the change.
Enter any additional comments or instructions.