Personal Websites

Use Policy

All personal websites must conform to the University Computer Use Policy

Google Sites 

Web Services recommends Google Sites as the most user-friendly option for students, faculty, and staff who wish to create personal websites or sites for faculty/staff committees, organizations, or interest groups. See our sample Google Site, which contains more information and tips for creating your own site.

Student organization websites

Student organization sites can be created on Engage, which is managed by Electronic Student Services. 

WWW Server (for advanced users)

Faculty, staff and students who are comfortable creating sites in HTML and managing files via an FTP client can host sites on the WWW server. Appalachian provides faculty, staff and students with free web hosting (50 MB) for personal websites as long as they are members of the Appalachian community. By default, all users have web accounts on the WWW server.


Before you can view content on your personal website, you need to build the pages of your site in HTML. To do this, you can use your preferred web publishing software (e.g., Dreamweaver).


Access Restrictions

FTP client instructions


The URL for your personal website on the WWW server will be (you replace YOUR_USERNAME with your ASU username)

If you named your home page index.htm or index.html, this page should automatically appear. Otherwise you''ll need to specify the page after your username: (replace YOUR_USERNAME with your ASU username, and replace YOUR_FILNAME.HTML with the full filename of your page)