Define site's remote connection properties

Go to Site and select Manage Sites...

Dreamweaver Manage Sites menu

Click on New Site.

Dreamweaver Manage Sites window

Enter the name of the site in Site Name, and select the Local Site Folder for your site files to be saved on your local computer. 

Click Save.

Dreamweaver site setup window

Select the site you just created from the list and click the pencil icon to edit the settings.

Dreamweaver edit site window

Click on Servers. Click the plus sign to add a new server configuration.

Dreamweaver server setup window

Enter a Server Name for these settings.

Select SFTP from the Connect using menu.

Enter www.appstate.edu in the SFTP Address field (lower case).

Enter your ASU username and password in the Username (lower case) and Password fields (case sensitive).

Enter public_html in the Root Directory field (lower case).

Enter http://www.appstate.edu/FIRST_LETTER_OF_USERNAME/USERNAME (lower case). For example, if the username is smithjj, then enter http://www.appstate.edu/s/smithjj.

Save your settings and follow the instructions below to connect to the server.

Connect to the server

In the Classic view in Dreamweaver, look in the File panel on the right and click on the Expand/Collapse button to expand the pane to full size.

Dreamweaver files window expand collapse icon 

Typical layout of the expanded file manager panel displays the Remove Server on the left and the Local Files on the right

Click on the Connect icon on the tool bar. You may be asked for your password, enter it now.

Dreamweaver connect icon

Select the Local Files on the (right) that you wish to upload. Click on the upload or Put button to upload your files to your personal web space.

Dreamweaver put icon

To download files from the Remote Server, use the download or Get button.

Dreamweaver get icon

Click on the Connect icon on the toolbar to disconnect from the Remote Server.

Click on the Expand/Collapse button to return to normal panel layout.