Appalachian State University is dedicated to providing the best web experience possible to all users. We are currently in the process of updating web pages that do not conform to Section 508, for accessibility for users with disabilities. Please keep in mind that this effort is an ongoing process and that some pages you encounter may not be accessible. If you find a page which is not compliant, please let us know.

Legal requirements

Appalachian State University is required by Federal law to provide access to its programs and services to all qualified individuals. A U.S. Department of Justice Policy Ruling on September 9, 1996 confirmed that the ADA applies to Internet web pages. Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act, as amended by the Workforce Investment Act of 1998, established federally recognized standards on web accessibility.

These laws prevent state instutions from constructing buildings with no wheelchair access, and similarly, they require universities to create websites that are accessible to people who use assistive technology (e.g., screen readers or alternative input devices) to navigate the internet. 

According to Section 508, any web pages hosted by a state or federally funded institution must be in compliance with the law.

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