Introduction to Drupal 7

  • Access a Drupal 7 website
  • Create and edit website content
  • Create and edit menu items
  • Create and edit block elements
  • Create and edit Features content

This workshop introduces users to the basic functions for creating and publishing content to a Drupal 7 website at Appalachian. Users who will be maintaining a website are required to attend.

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Intermediate Drupal Training

  • Create and edit book content
  • Create and edit panel content
  • Create and edit webforms
  • Access and download webform results

This workshop builds on the Introduction to Drupal workshop by learning how to build books on a Drupal site, learning how to build columned page layouts with panels, and learning how to build webforms and access the submitted results.

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Training Resources

Online tutorials and help documentation

Provides in-depth explanations and a collection of detailed how-to guides.